• Are Your Beliefs Serving You Well?

    Beliefs and values live at the core of what we believe is important. I use values as a part of my whole person model because they are a key...

  • Our Gift to You

    Are you ready to dive into more content and take charge of making you a better you? For most of my life, I have worked to help organizations and people...

  • Tapping into Your Talents

    We spend quite a bit of our lives trying to understand who we are. You have heard me mention that talent is one of the most important factors in...

Lori has an intuition that you almost can't identify. She is able to read situations and individuals quickly with deep insight. From the individual level to teams, this is powerful.”
Rick Smith, District Manager, Mannington Commercial
Lori has a mastery that is uncommon.”
Doug Wilwerding, Managing Principal, The Optimas Group, LLC
I have always been impressed with Lori’s gift and ability to see people's strengths, and talents and understand how they can be successful not in work but in life. She made a difference in my life personally and professionally.”
John Brammeier, CFO, Vivage Organization
As I have experienced various crossroads in my diverse life and leadership experiences, Lori has provided consistent, insightful depth, relevant tools and observations, and a safe space to allow for furthering self exploration and growth. Always, but especially in times of transition, Lori's support has provided me a platform to expand my thinking while holding true to my values.”
Sara Boyd, Founder, Ascend Advisory LLC
Once we enabled our staff to meet with Lori, they became convinced that we cared about them and their lives far more than other employers. In fact, a recent survey of our staff revealed that 'while we're not perfect, they know above all that we absolutely care about them,' and that matters more than you might think. ”
Robin Donovan, President, Bozell & Author,Donna Leigh Mysteries

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